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CASTEL SAN MAURO is a place kissed by the sun, between the Sabotino woods and the Isonzo river, it has a unique microclimate and suitable soil. Viticulture here, as in the whole Collio, has secular traditions.

"I started cultivating the family vineyard when I was just over twenty years old and CASTEL SAN MAURO no longer seemed to be the cozy place of my childhood explorations. Nature revealed to me the hostility of the countryside with the harshness of its elements. I became aware that I had no control over the essence and the outcomes of my work and this led me to reflect on my duties: the conventional land-working and modern agronomic practices appeared to be increasingly intrusive. The challenge was to change the way I considered the whole context in which I was: I started looking for different principles and broader concepts. I took the way to the minimum and effective management of the vineyard and the decrease in intromissions in the wine, concentrating on the objective of closing the essence of the Place in the bottle, without distortions." (Manuele Mauri)

Un luogo a braccia aperte!

Un luogo a braccia aperte!

Località Castel S. Mauro, 1

34170 Gorizia ITALIA
Tel: +39 328 9158033

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