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Fermentation in the bottle as per traditional method


Year of production: 2015


Vinification: from squeezing the whole grapes Ribolla Gialla (80%) and Chardonnay (20%).

In stainless steel tanks on wild yeasts, no filtrate, no fining agents, no stabilizers.

Bottled withoud filtre, refermentation without selected yeasts added and sulphites.

Aged in bottles at least 9 months before put in the wine on sale.


Vineyard: Castel San Mauro - South South-East, 150 - 200 m s.l.m.

Vineyard age: Chardonnay 40 years (3500 vinestock / Ha), Ribolla Gialla 15 years (5000 vinestock / Ha)

Soil: uniformly composed of marls and stratified sandstones of Eocen origin (50 million years old) which erosion has formed the typical clayey soil called FLISCH OF CORMONS, most commonly called PONCA

Training system: TRITON

Avarage yield: 55 quintals / Ha

Harvest: early-ripening, mid August, handmade in crates



Alcohol 12,00 % vol.

Residual sugar 0,50 g/l

pH 3,32

Totale acidity 5,70 g/l

Volatile acidity 0,59 g/l

Total SO2 18 mg/l

Free SO2 4 mg/l


Bottle size: 0,75 l – 1,50 l

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